• Bickerstaff says Drummond remains part of the Cavs' future plans
  • Drummond has yet to decide on his current conract
  • Cavs want more time before considering what to do with Drummond

Andre Drummond of the Cleveland Cavaliers has yet to decide if he will exercise his player option for the 2020-21 NBA season.

Unofficially, the word out is that he plans to opt in though there are questions on whether he will get a contract extension.

According to Cavs head coach J.B. Bickerstaff, the team has plans with the 27-year-old center. However, he is admittedly clueless about what Drummond has planned as far as his existing contract is concerned, according to

“Indirectly, those conversations have been about the future, what next year is going to look like, how he wants to be part of the team, and how we can use him effectively and all those things. He’s going to make his choice known whenever he’s going to make his choice known. I know he’s made public comments. We’ve had no conversations about him not being here and we’ve been planning for the future with him,” he said.

In a previous report also from, it was mentioned that Drummond and the Cavs were far apart from potential contract extension talks.

It was suggested in a previous post that the two-time NBA All-Star was looking to be rewarded with a long-term stay, but Cavs management wanted more games to properly assess Drummond.

Drummond is seen by many as taking up the player option since it would guarantee him $28.7 million for the coming season. With NBA teams reeling from the financial repercussions of the coronavirus, there is no assurance that the 6-foot-10 cager can get something similar or higher to what his current contract holds.

Since moving to Cleveland, Drummond has played only eight games thus far. He averaged 17.5 points, 11.1 rebounds, 1.8 assists, and 1.4 blocks per Basketball-Reference.

Though these are good numbers, consistently putting up these numbers is something Cavs top honchos want to see.

If he does opt in, the Cavs will need to make an assessment fast. If they wait long, there is a chance Drummond may consider looking at other options next NBA offseason.

He is expected to perform outstandingly this coming season, something that would help boost his chances of landing a fat contract after the 2020-21 NBA wars.

Andre Drummond #3 Tristan Thompson #13 and Larry Nance Jr. #22 of the Cleveland Cavaliers Andre Drummond #3 Tristan Thompson #13 and Larry Nance Jr. #22 of the Cleveland Cavaliers Photo: Getty Images | Jason Miller