The Cleveland Cavaliers are not expected to be among the teams to watch this coming NBA season. Despite veterans Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson in the mix, the focus is to develop young players. Collin Sexton, Cedi Osman, and rookie Darius Garland are the future of the franchise and likely to get extended minutes. But where does this leave the veterans?

As mentioned in a previous report, the Cavs could end up trading their veterans for future picks. Love and Thompson are the ones in mention and somehow it does make sense. However, it appears that as far as Love is concerned, he will be in for the long haul.

The Cavs were the topic of discussion at ESPN's "The Jump." Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and former Cleveland player Kendrick Perkins discussed the direction of the team. They picked up from the two blowout losses of the Cavaliers to the Boston Celtics. One of those losses saw Boston playing without their eight best players.

An argument could be raised here. One is that it is an NBA preseason game and that the full potential of both teams are being held back. Regardless, the Cavaliers are not expected to figure prominently. It is a fact that new head coach John Beilein will be facing. The bottom line, the Cavs are investing in young talent and hope it pays off in the future. However, there is a twist in the plot. Rather than trade Love, it seems the Cavs may be building around him.

Sexton previously mentioned that the 31-year-old All-Star is not going anywhere. Though he has been slowed down by injuries, there is no question Love remains an asset anywhere. There are reported plans to have Love until his playing years are over. That includes seeing him be part of the Cavs coaching thrust in the future.

For now, seeing Love stick it out in Cleveland remains to be seen. Anything can happen moving forward. This means that trades may still crop up, especially if the Cavs feel it would be hard to pass up. Either way, the Cavs don't seem to mind keeping the former NBA champion. He is looming as the new foundation for the Cavs who are heading into a new era of Cavs basketball.