Dwight Howard of the Los Angeles Lakers will be in for rough sailing and most are wary of his ability to get well with his teammates. The word out is that the 6-foot-11 big man may become a problem in the locker room. However, a former teammate of his when he was still with the Washington Wizards says otherwise.

Kelly Oubre Jr., who played with Howard in Washington in 2018 before getting traded to the Phoenix Suns, said in a report from TMZ Sports that the three-time defensive player of the year was a good teammate despite being a 'little distant'. By being distant, the 23-year-old was referring to the Howard not 100-percent engaged with the team because he was dealing with an injury.

He added that Howard was a very down-to-earth person and that he was never a distraction. It is perhaps worth noting that Oubre and Howard were teammates only until December 2018. Approximately, they only got to play alongside each other for about six months.

This is an issue that critics are pointing out, wondering how he can co-exist with established stars like LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The last time around, it wasn't exactly a rosy tenure for the top pick of the 2004 NBA Draft. Worse, most recall how he turned his back on the Lakers and joined the Houston Rockets.

Howard's second coming will also be a lot different. He is no longer the same superstar player that most remember him to be. He is on a non-guaranteed deal - meaning if the Lakers are not happy with his performance, he is likely to be let go. The scenario speaks for itself, meaning Howard has a lot of work to do. He needs to show he can still play good basketball and hopefully win the trust of Lakers fans.

One person that Howard may need to thank is Anthony Davis. According to a report on ESPN, The Brow wanted him on board to avoid playing the five position. This was the reason why the Lakers signed DeMarcus Cousins in the summer. An ACL injury forced the Lakers to look for a replacement who eventually turned out to be Howard.

Howard will be playing second fiddle, ironically a role he wasn't too thrilled about when he joined the Lakers back in 2012. But with injuries slowing him down, the eight-time NBA All-Star may have no choice and try to rebuild himself behind stars like James and Davis for now.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard #21 of the Washington Wizards reacts after a play against the Cleveland Cavaliers during the first half at Capital One Arena on November 14, 2018 in Washington, DC. Getty Images/Will Newton