• Pau Gasol is contemplating retirement after winning another title with Barcelona
  • Marc Gasol coming to Barcelona could alter Pau's retirement decision
  • Playing together in Europe could be a great cap to their storied basketball careers

Pau Gasol knows that he cannot play professional basketball forever.

At 40 years old, the two-time NBA champion probably just wants to leave the game on a high note, regardless of wherever he plays. It appears that the time has come.

With no NBA team willing to take a risk on him, the former Los Angeles Laker ended up playing in Europe for Barcelona.

He was part of the team that copped the Liga Endesa, a 19th title for the franchise. It was the first for them since 2013-14.

Barcelona won over Real Madrid, 92-73, at Palau Blaugrana on Tuesday. In a classy gesture, team captain Pierre Oriola wanted Pau to lift the trophy as the squad celebrated their triumph.

But even before that, the six-time NBA All-Star had already hinted that Game 2 of the ACB Finals could be the last game of his career.

“This can be my last game,” Pau said to EuroHoops. “I have been thinking for years that my last game could have been a long time ago due to the injuries. These thoughts have crossed my mind…I try to approach every game as if it is my last.”

For now, there is no telling if Pau will cap his illustrious basketball career. However, his mind could change if his brother, Marc, ends up following his path.

In a previous post, Marc has two options to consider. One was that he could retire, and the other was to consider a stint in Europe.

Barcelona general manager Juan Carlos Navarro is reportedly interested in getting Marc to play for the team and reunite with his brother.

If Navarro can pull something off, Pau may end up holding off his plans and possibly win another title with his sibling.

That would give the elder Gasol some added interest if he could play with his younger brother for one more season and hopefully win a title.

Marc has not exactly had a good outing with the Lakers this season, and most feel he could be retiring or moving elsewhere.

 Pau Gasol #16 of the San Antonio Spurs chats with brother Marc Gasol #33 of the Memphis Grizzlies
Pau Gasol #16 of the San Antonio Spurs chats with brother Marc Gasol #33 of the Memphis Grizzlies Getty Images | Ronald Cortes

Ironically, there were rumors of a possible Gasol brothers reunion before the 2020-21 season started.

Both could have been teammates had the Lakers won the NBA title once more.

Of course, most know how the Lakers’ campaign ended. But if that thought was something the Gasol brothers were unable to do in the NBA, the case could be different in the European circuit.