• Knicks need to make moves if they want better chances at LaMelo Ball
  • Knicks may have to sacrifice Mitchell Robinson
  • Transferring Robinson to the Warriors might resolve the problem for Steve Kerr

The New York Knicks need a big star in their ranks, and that guy could be incoming rookie LaMelo Ball.

The 19-year-old son of LaVar Ball is one of the top names in the 2020 NBA Draft alongside Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman. But the problem is the Knicks are at the 8th spot, hinting that they have tall odds to overcome to acquire the 6-foot-7 guard.

The wise move is to trade up to the top three if the Knicks are bent on acquiring the brother of the New Orleans Pelicans' Lonzo Ball. The Minnesota Timberwolves pick first, followed by the Golden State Warriors and the Charlotte Hornets.

It was already reported by the New York Post recently that the Knicks are exploring trade options to move up the 2020 NBA Draft. The good news for them is that the Warriors are open to offers for their lottery pick, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

However, the question is what will convince the Dubs to agree to a deal?

Gavin Schall and Ricky O’Donnell discussed possibilities on the Locked On Knicks podcast. A package involving Mitchell Robinson was suggested, a promising big man who could improve with the right guidance.

The Knicks do own two first-round picks. Aside from the 8th overall selection, they also own the rights to the 27th overall pick.

But like them, the Dubs may want a player that can fill in gaps in their roster. Robinson could make sense, seeing how head coach Steve Kerr wants a big man to plug that hole.

Recall in a previous post that the logical selection for the Warriors was James Wiseman. Though he allegedly made a good impression, the fact remains that he is also a player that needs fine-tuning.

The Memphis product is three years younger than Robinson. However, the reality of it all is that Robinson has already seen NBA action, and a lot of people like what they see.

The Knicks would try and discuss a trade with the Timberwolves as well. Though Edwards is seen as the top pick, the word out is that Minnesota has its eyes on Ball.

The Hornets could also be plausible. But that would leave the Knicks to see who the T-Wolves and the Dubs leave out.

If Ball and Edwards are picked as forecasted, they will be left to settle for Wiseman. Hence, the wise target for the Knicks is to consider options with either the Timberwolves or the Warriors.

LaMelo Ball at a practice session with Illawarra Hawks Lonzo Wire - USA Today