• Kyle Lowry's chances of joining the Lakers grow dimmer
  • Multiple teams are interested to acquire the one-time NBA champion
  • The Toronto Raptors could retain Lowry this summer

The Los Angeles Lakers are expected to go for a superstar, and it comes to no surprise that Kyle Lowry of the Toronto Raptors has been mentioned.

But with the financial limitations that cripple the franchise right now, the only way to get him is if the 35-year-old agrees to smaller pay.

Aware that his NBA career may be at the crossroads, seeing the six-time All-Star join the Lakers may have gone from low to none.

Experts suggested that Lowry may be looking to snag another NBA ring although that still depends on the money aspect of things.

According to Matt Moore of the Action Network, Lowry is not expected to settle for a meager deal to join a team like the Lakers.

Hence, a minimum deal is out of the picture and there is the angle that multiple teams are equally interested in the one-time NBA champion’s services.

Lowry would have been a sensible addition to the Lakers, who need all the help they can get to improve their backcourt.

But with teams like the Dallas Mavericks and New York Knicks potentially offering something better, the Lakers' chances may depend on how they can tweak numbers. That includes potentially trading away some players such as Kyle Kuzma and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope among others.

The Miami Heat are another team closely linked to Lowry although that too hinges on how much money the 6-foot guard would ask for.

According to Mandela Namaste of the Bleacher Report, the All-Star guard could ask for a deal worth roughly $50 million for at least two seasons.

The amount of money and his age will get teams thinking. There is also the fact that Lowry has had his share of injuries in the past seasons.

Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors Kyle Lowry #7 of the Toronto Raptors Photo: Getty Images | Adam Glanzman

Also not to be forgotten is that the Raptors could end up keeping him. Lowry is well-loved in Toronto, but his age may be a concern.

Toronto has been trying to invest in youth, and Lowry’s playing years are numbered. Like most ball clubs, it all boils down to how much money the Raptors would be willing to offer to Lowry this summer.