Kevin Durant
Kevin Durant will be in Oklahoma City on March 20 to attend the jersey retirement ceremony of former teammate Nick Collison. Kevin Durant #35 of the Golden State Warriors plays the Denver Nuggets at the Pepsi Center on January 15, 2019 in Denver, Colorado. Getty Images/Matthew Stockman

The plans of Kevin Durant in the offseason remain to be uncertain, with multiple NBA teams expected to try and lure him out of the Bay Area. However, at least one team may be scratched out from the Durant sweepstakes – the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Since leaving the Thunder back in 2016, Durant has not exactly gotten a warm reception whenever the Golden State Warriors visit Oklahoma City. The 30-year-old NBA star is scheduled to be in OKC on March 20 when the Thunder retires the jersey of Nick Collison, someone he played with for nine seasons, NBC Sports reported.

"That group was so special, that whole group from 2010 until I left there, it was special," Durant told ESPN. "It's about time for us to let go of all that extra stuff, and just come together -- especially around this time, because it's Nick."

The Thunder are apparently aware of Durant’s plans and will accommodate him, but it remains to be seen if the fans in attendance during the Nick Collison jersey retirement will welcome him with open arms. And from there, speculations on a possible return are likely to ensue.

This early, Wojnarowski is setting the record straight. He said that there is no interest on either side for a basketball reconciliation and that both the Thunder and Durant have moved on. Furthermore, OKC has reshaped itself as a new contender with a team built around Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

Durant will travel from the Warriors game on March 19 in Minneapolis to Oklahoma City for the March 20 event, he said. The Warriors are home against Indiana on March 21.

It may seem like an odd arrangement, but it is clear that Durant is flying in for Collison and nothing else. There could be some boos and some cheers, similar to an ordinary game when the Warriors visit the Thunder.

And despite claims that there is no reconciliation in sight, such will not stop media and critics from building on a potential reunion between Durant and the Thunder. Durant seems pretty much made in Golden State, meaning teams who want to pluck him out of Dub City will need to come up with a hard-to-resist offer.