• Gibson feels Thibodeau is what the Knicks need to win
  • Thibodeau could redeem himself as head coach with Knicks
  • Thibodeau is misunderstood says Gibson

The New York Knicks have a lot on their plate as they go through the motions of finishing yet another subpar season. The NBA trade deadline saw them dealing away their best player in Marcus Morris and more are expected this summer. But before all that, a more pressing concern is up in the air - who will be the next head coach of the Knicks?

In a previous post, the names of Jeff Van Gundy and Tom Thibodeau were mentioned. Of the two, it was Van Gundy who is a former head coach for the Gotham-based squad. Better yet, he is one of the few coaches to have success with the Knicks. He was behind the 1988-89 NBA Finals run and handled the team well. From that feat alone, there is no question he should be the top choice.

Thibodeau is no stranger as well to the Knicks. However, he served in an assistant coaching capacity and was part of Van Gundy's success during the 1988-89 season. His best achievement as a head coach is perhaps with the Chicago Bulls, a team he led to several playoff appearances. However, things just changed for Thibs when he cut ties with the Bulls. He was given the chance to retool the Minnesota Timberwolves but nothing really progressed. Could another chance prove otherwise?

At least one person believes Thibodeau should do well as the Knicks' next head coach. Taj Gibson, a player that Thibodeau coached with the Bulls and the Timberwolves, is perhaps one of the players who knows Thibs best. Though some have reservations, calling his tactics old-school, Gibson sees it differently in a report from Marc Bergman of the New York Post.

"He’s just trying to make guys better players. Some people take it as being hard. He’s going to push you. He always wants the best out of you," said Gibson.

Mike Miller is currently calling the shots for the Knicks on an interim basis. New York has a lot of things to do this summer although most of it will depend on who the next head coach will be. Van Gundy is favored but Thibodeau's close relationship with team president Leon Rose could factor in. All that should be answered by the NBA offseason.