• LaMelo Ball is expected to go No. 1 overall in the upcoming NBA Draft if the Minnesota Timberwolves fail to trade their top pick
  • Ball says playing with D'Angelo Russell would be a nice fit 
  • He stressed that he is ready to play for any team, including the Warriors

The Minnesota Timberwolves is still prioritizing a trade for its top pick in the upcoming NBA Rookie Draft. But if a deal does not come up, the Wolves are likely to go for LaMelo Ball at No. 1, Bleacher Report's Jonathan Wasserman reported, citing unnamed sources.

The Wolves have the leverage of time in deliberating their choice for the event set on Nov. 18 at ESPN's facilities in Bristol, Connecticut. Horror-struck by past draft mistakes, the team management, however, is said to be “confused” and “pressured” despite the advantage, Wasserman reported, citing an anonymous Western Conference executive.

The rumor has Ball edging out Anthony Edwards for Minnesota’s nod, but “rival scouts,” according to Wasserman, see the 19-year-old guard having fit issues with the Wolves, especially with former All-Star D’Angelo Russell already manning the starting point for the squad.

But Ball has a different perspective. In fact, he told reporters on Monday that he and Russell playing together “would be a nice fit.”

Listed at 6-foot-7 with a plethora of weapons in his skillset, Ball is confident of his status two weeks before the virtual event as he admits that being selected No. 1 has always been his goal.

“Ever since I was little, when I'd do little projects and stuff, that was one my goals - to go to the NBA and be the No. 1 pick,” Ball said, per Forbes.

But while he sounds ready to suit up for Minnesota, Ball said he “feels positive” regardless of the destination, believing that he could make an impact for any team at the pro level.

"Anywhere is a great fit," Ball said. "I mean, it's the NBA. You put me with good players, I feel like it's even gonna be better."

Next in line in the draft are the Golden State Warriors, which will have the chance to pick Ball if the Wolves opt to skip him at No. 1.

Ball welcomed the thought of playing alongside the Splash Brothers in the Bay Area despite his father, LaVar, saying that he would not be a good fit for Steve Kerr’s system.

"(My father is) his own man," he said, per ESPN. "He has his opinions and I have mine. I feel like I can play and fit on any team."

LaMelo Ball at a practice session with Illawarra Hawks Lonzo Wire - USA Today