Andre Iguodala has become a hot commodity for several teams, with the Memphis Grizzlies open to dealing the 35-year-old swingman but for a first-round pick. So far, no team has taken the bait although doors are not entirely closed on a potential NBA trade happening in the coming days.

Among the teams reportedly in hot pursuit are the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. Both NBA teams know what Iguodala brings, a three-time NBA champion who can be an asset to any team he plays for. However, it seems that both teams are at a standstill according to league sources in a report from Shams Charania of the Athletic.

For the Rockets, it seems the problem lies within. They are strapped with the salary cap, meaning that if they should take in the 2015 NBA Finals MVP, they would be facing a luxury tax penalty worth $20 million, CBS Sports reported. For the Clippers, a scenario would be to trade away Maurice Harkless for the 16-year veteran. However, the Clips are coy to the idea of dealing away their recent acquisition who is nine years younger than Iguodala.

If the Rockets and the Clippers fold, Iguodala is still expected to get interest from other NBA teams. The Denver Nuggets and the Dallas Mavericks are reportedly also interested in getting him into their fold. Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Lakers were reportedly interested in the 9th overall pick of the 2004 NBA Draft although this was on the condition that the veteran would be waived by Memphis, ESPN reported. If no deal is done this summer, there is a chance that the Grizzlies may enter the 2019-20 NBA season with Iguodala on board and probably consider trade options as they go along.

Another team that could enter the fray is the Cleveland Cavaliers. As mentioned in a previous post, the Cavs considered shipping J.R. Smith for Iguodala when the latter was still with the Golden State Warriors. A trade involving the Grizzlies and the Cavs cannot be discounted although the question now is what assets would be involved in such a transaction.

Whichever team he ends up with, Iguodala is likely to get a short-term deal. Although he has shown that he still has the hops to play in the NBA, it remains that his age is a concern. Like his role with the Warriors, he is most likely to come off the bench and mentor younger players around him for the coming season.

Andre Iguodala Warriors
The Golden State Warriors are favored to clinch the 2016 NBA Finals at home. Getty