The Golden State Warriors are in a pretty delicate state right now, made worse with the injury to Stephen Curry. The word going around is that his hand will be re-evaluated after three months. But what most are failing to consider is where would the Dubs be at that stage.

The Warriors are currently 2-7 in the Western Conference. Most are not totally counting the Dubs out but the journey ahead will not come easy. Draymond Green and D'Angelo Russell are not at 100-percent health, compounding their woes. They did catch a bit of a break when 2019 second-round pick stepped up and helped. But if the Warriors are to figure prominently for a playoff spot, more help is needed.

Curry would have improved their chances. His return is essential, a reason why violent reactions came out that he could be sitting out the season. But looking at it at a different angle, his return depends if hope remains for the Dubs this 2019-20 NBA season.

Right now, the Warriors refuted claims of Curry sitting out the current NBA season. But the keyword there is "re-evaluated in February" through Warriors reporter Logan Murdock. Even if his hand heals up, will it be the same Steph Curry most know? Will a potential return boost the Warriors chances in their drive towards the postseason wars?

These are questions that are up in the air. February would be the midway point of the NBA season, more or less showing where any team stands. The Dubs would have played roughly 50 games at that point and head coach Steve Kerr more or less knows where they would stand.

Hence, Kerry's return may depend on how long Green, Russell and the rest can hold up the fort. It seems to be too much to ask from them given their current roster. But if the Warriors want to at least go to the next round, they need to double their effort. Curry could be of help but likely not at 100-percent. Hence, seeing Curry return could come with a risk.

The Dubs may be denying it now but that could only be part of the story. It still depends on the win-loss record that the Warriors tote come February.

Stephen Curry Golden State Warrior refuted reports that Steph Curry might not return this season because of his injury. Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images