The Brooklyn Nets could get more mileage if they trade up for a veteran guard who can also be the leader for the team. Pictured: Spencer Dinwiddie #8 and Jarrett Allen #31 of the Brooklyn Nets high-five during the second quarter of the game against Oklahoma City Thunder at Barclays Center on December 05, 2018 in New York City. Getty Images/Sarah Stier

The Brooklyn Nets are finding it hard to gain ground, although they still have time to turn things around. Even with D'Angelo Russell and Spencer Dinwiddie manning the backcourt, the team continues to miss that superstar that can lead the team to success.

At 8-18 with the current roster, the Nets are on course to another forgettable season. And as in previous years, the best they can do right now is probably look at the upcoming free agents and see who can lead the team, Nets Daily reported.

Not to say that Russell and Dinwiddie are bad players, they simply lack the leadership and star power to get somewhere. Both are talented, but pale in comparison to other NBA players who show promise and potential to be franchise players.

Also, the Nets could try and see if the available talent in the market will do a better job compared to the two. There are John Wall and Mike Conley, the 9th and 11th best players in the guard position, who could offer a little bit more than the younger duo the Nets have at the moment, the Bleacher Report reported.

If not the available veterans, the Nets may want to look at the future players in the collegiate ranks. Trading for future picks is an option, and something that is not necessarily new for the Nets. At the rate they are going, they are on course to have good odds at the draft lottery -- something that they will hopefully not dangle to stronger teams for veteran players. It has happened before.

If Sean Marks does have plans to see the Nets get up there, they need to make key changes to the roster. It all starts by identifying players (not necessarily the superstars) who have the potential to rise as leaders and get everyone involved.

Caris LeVert, the team's leading scorer and supposedly seen to be the guy that can help turn things around, remains out with an injury, compounding the woes of Brooklyn. Ideally, Russell and Dinwiddie would have been perfect to pick up the slack. Unfortunately, that has not happened with the team's win-loss record clearly showing failure.

There will be teams who may consider Russell and/or Dinwiddie, entirely depending on the needs of that ballclub. Brooklyn can listen to offers and see if the package (i.e. offered players or assets) will benefit them not only now but in the long run.

It all depends on what Marks and Kenny Atkinson are thinking right now. If the Nets are to (finally) have a respectable season, personnel changes are one option. It is now only a question of when they plan to move.