The Celtics may be looking to shake up their team.

There have been rumors throughout the season that Boston has been trying to move Rajon Rondo. Now, Chris Broussard of ESPN The Magazine says the Celtics are aggressively attempting to trade the point guard.

Boston is reportedly trying to get rid of Rondo because of his bad attitude and poor relationship with Doc Rivers. It seems the off-court distraction Rondo brings has overshadowed his stellar play.

This isn't the first time the Celtics have shopped Rondo.

In 2009, Rondo was nearly traded to the Pistons. Boston offered Ray Allen and Rondo to Detroit for Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince and Rodney Stuckey.

After the potential deal fell through, Rondo signed a five-year deal for $55 million to stay in Boston.

The report didn't say exactly who the Celtics have been talking to, but the Lakers and Warriors have supposedly shown interest in the guard.

Rumors have circulated about a possible swap for Paul Gasol.

Boston reportedly talked to Golden State in December about trading Rondo for Stephen Curry.

With Boston trying to move Rondo, and Dwight Howard wanting out of Orlando, is it possible the two could be the centerpieces of some kind of deal?

Howard is the best big man in the game, and would help Boston for this year and in the future. It would enable them to make a trade without killing their playoff chances for this season.

In Rondo, the Magic would be getting a proven All-Star who would be under contract for a few years. Orlando has Jameer Nelson at point guard, but he has been unable to remain healthy throughout his career. After seven years in the league, Orlando knows Nelson will never become a star.

Rondo is just as good as any player who has been rumored in trade talks with Orlando. He's certainly been better than Andrew Bynum and Brook Lopez since their careers began. He's more of a complete player than Monta Ellis, whom the Magic have been rumored to want in a trade.

In January, Celtics general manager Danny Ainge denied reports that Boston was trying to move Rondo.

I was not trying to trade Rajon Rondo. There's a big difference between trying to acquire a player and trying to trade a player.

Rondo is averaging 14.1 points, 9.6 assists and five rebounds per game this season. He's made the All-Star team each of the last three seasons.