• Lakers' Rob Pelinka says everyone except for James and Davis are available for trade
  • Kuzma is not bothered by NBA trade talk
  • Caldwell-Pope, Rondo and McGee can only be traded with their consent

The Los Angeles Lakers hardly have a reason to deal off anyone at this point, although the name of Kyle Kuzma has been mentioned frequently. With the purple and gold keeping its options open, trade rumors involving the young forward have swirled the past days.

However, it appears that Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka has expanded his options. According to the Los Angeles Times, Pelinka is open to trading anyone except for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. This means that other players like Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Rajon Rondo or even JaVale McGee could be dealt if a trade makes sense.

Most know that the Lakers are far better than last season and making a trade at this stage would be detrimental. They are sporting a 23-7 win-loss card to lead the NBA Western Conference, far better than last season's finish of 37-45. The Lakers never made the playoffs but had a chance. Things just went down after the All-Star break -- particularly when the Davis trade talk popped up.

Ironically, the Lakers are reaching that stage again with several names on the table. Though the morale may be different, mentioning anyone in a trade could bring all that down. Kuzma, the lone young player kept by Los Angeles, said that he was not bothered by the trade chatter and said he has been used to it by now, Spectrum SportsNet reported.

“Nah. That’s for y’all to talk about, I don’t really care. I’ve been through it multiple times, and obviously you see it, but it doesn’t even matter at this point,” he said.

But of course, Kuzma may not be telling everything as he tries to simply stays afloat. The thing with Caldwell-Pope, Rondo, and McGee is that they need to give their consent for a trade to happen. As far as other Lakers that could be dealt, some could feel nauseous and uneasy. In short, Los Angeles's morale could dip with Pelinka's statements. In a way, it comes close to the aura of the purple and gold experience last season.

Pelinka will listen to offers but may only entertain deals if it is a good one or hard to refuse. Kuzma has been the focal point for now although other names could append the list soon.