• Matt Barnes reveals that he patched things up with Derek Fisher
  • Barnes says he has moved on from his past relationship with his ex-wife
  • Fisher will be married to Barnes' ex-wife later this year

In 2015, there was that infamous brawl involving former Los Angeles Lakers teammates Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes.

The skirmish began after Barnes discovered that his former teammate was dating his ex-wife, Gloria Govan.

However, it appears that is all a thing in the past. Barnes said on Portal A's "Charges With Rex Chapman" podcast that both of them have buried the hatchet and both are now friends again.

Barnes has matured enough to know that there are more things on the table for him. That includes looking after his kids with his ex-wife and wanting the best for them.

"To me, it’s about raising these twins the best we possibly can and co-parenting," Barnes explained. "So, now he and I are cool, on the same page, we communicate and see each other when we’re at events. They’ve been to my house for the twins’ birthday. I’ve been to their place."

Although things are good between them, the 41-year-old knows that it is something that will not just go away.

Aside from that, he is aware that the stigma will always linger. He gave his take on it as well.

"Like he started dating my ex-wife," Barnes said. "That’s what it was. He didn’t steal s*** from me. What I’m tripping off is you’re in my house that I pay for with my kids and you didn’t tell me."

Matt Barnes Gloria Govan
Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes and ex-wife Gloria Govan are pictured during happier times, July 15, 2014. Barnes reportedly spit in her face after beating up New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher at a party in L.A. Getty Images

Looking ahead, all eyes are now on the planned wedding of Fisher and Govan. All that has been shelved for now due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But once all is clear, it will be interesting if Barnes gets invited to the wedding, something that could be a bit awkward.

But with Barnes claiming that he and Fisher are communicating when they see each other during events, there is a chance that a one-time NBA champion may be around.