Joe Johnson got a new lease on life after he was signed by the Detroit Pistons for the 2019-20 NBA season. The 38-year-old drew attention after a spectacular performance in the Big3. He signed a one-year deal worth $2.56 million.

In a previous post, Johnson mentioned how his stint with the Houston Rockets sent mixed feelers on his NBA career. He was hardly used and did not see actions in the playoffs. For him, some though that he retired until he re-emerged in the Big3.

In a report from Rod Beard of the Detroit News, Johnson revealed how retirement never crossed his mind. He admitted that he had that urge to play again and it just so happened it come via different route.

“I never had retirement on my mind. I wasn’t just itching to get back. Everything has happened like it was supposed to. Playing in the Big3 was fun and I enjoyed it.

True enough, Johnson was a big hit when he played in the Big3. His last piece of action saw him leading the Triplets to the championship and being adjudged Big3 Most Valuable Player. It was here where NBA scouts started to take notice. They felt Johnson still had something left to play in the NBA.

“I didn’t get on that stage to get back to this stage. I did that for the love of the game; I had fun and did it for some of my brothers. It kind of led to this. I want to take advantage of that and see what comes out of it,” he explained.

For the coming NBA season, Johnson is expected to come off the bench. Averaging 34.7 minutes per ballgame, the 38-year-old is not expected to log heavy minutes. His production is also not expected to be that significant unless he gets into the groove, particularly on offense.

Johnson holds career averages of 16.0 points, 4.0 rebounds and 3.9 assists. He has a decent 44.1-percent shooting clip from the field and 37.1-percent from three-point region. Outside being a bench player, the Pistons are expecting him to mentor the young guys on the team. Looking beyond this NBA season, it would not come as a surprise if Johnson makes his way to the Big3 once more.