January saw a lot of exciting action on NBA courts and the league's official website compiled a short video that chronicles the best dunks from the month. Give it a look below.

The full list of dunkers is as follows:

10) Jason Richardson (ORL) vs. the Milwaukee Bucks January 5

9) LeBron James (MIA) vs. the Charlotte Bobcats January 3

8) Josh Smith (ATL) vs. the Miami Heat January 18

7) Blake Griffin (LAC) vs. the Milwaukee Bucks January 31

6) Rudy Gay (MEM) vs. the Philadelphia 76ers January 28

5) Blake Griffin (LAC) vs. the Denver Nuggets January 5

4) JaVale McGee (WAS) vs. the Utah Jazz January 17

3) Ronnie Brewer (CHI) vs. the Indiana Pacers January 29

2) Derrick Rose (CHI) vs. the Detroit Pistons January 10

1) Blake Griffin (LAC) vs. the Golden State Warriors January 22

Those interested in seeing #1 (and #5 and #7) on this list taking on #2 can tune into tonight's Los Angeles Clippers vs. Chicago Bulls game live from the Staples Center starting at 10:30 EST.