IBTimes/Mark Johanson

At least 54 people were killed and more than 140 people were declared missing in Nepal on Saturday, due to heavy rainfall and landslides over the last three days. Rescue efforts started in the flooded region, about 250 miles west to Kathmandu, but the rain has not yet stopped.

Nearly ten districts in the country were flooded in the country while authorities reportedly expect the death toll to increase. The region’s power lines are also down due to the rains and officials coordinating the rescue operations said that they are finding it difficult to reach remote villages due to blocked roads, Associated Press, or AP, reported. Rains in Nepal usually start in June and continue till September.

"More than 200 houses are destroyed while hundreds of other homes are completely underwater," Nepal’s government said, according to Reuters, adding that it could not determine the exact number of people who are stuck.

Floods and landslides have hit more than 25 percent of the country’s 75 administrative offices, interrupting operations, Reuters reported, citing a government official.

Kesh Bahadur Shahi, a police official supervising the rescue operations, said according to AP, that the government has started sending trucks loaded with emergency supplies to the region, but it was questionable on how soon they would reach, because the highways were blocked.

The latest rains in the country follow a massive landslide in Kathmandu, last month, which killed 156 people.