Rob Gronkowski remains retired although some believe that he could eventually reconsider and return to active NFL duty. Despite being in the sidelines, the former Patriots tight end is still keeping tabs on his former team. He even teased a potential return.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, Gronkowski was raving about the Patriots when the decimated the Pittsburgh Steelers, 33-3. On his way out of Barstool Sports, the 30-year-old joked about possibly coming out of retirement and giving a definite date: Week 14.

"Patriots killed it last night, man!! They're a good team! They're always gonna be good man ... They got Brady, Belichick and Kraft. Never gonna beat that!" he said.

Gronkowski also believes that the entry of Antonio Brown will further boost the Pats offense. The 31-year-old wide receiver agreed to a one-year deal with the Patriots worth $15 million. This included a $9 million signing bonus, ESPN reporter Adam Scheffer said, citing an unnamed source.

The development is something most have feared with Brown catching passes from Pats star quarterback Tom Brady. Initially, some casted doubts on whether the partnership would work out. But at the rate things are going, it seems to be doing pretty well.

With a heavily-reformed Patriots team, an excited Gronkowski could finally be convinced to come out of retirement and join the party. Week 14 seems like a plausible call and Gronk seems to have gotten that desire to play pro football once more.

In a previous post, it was reported that three-time Super Bowl champion may return to active duty if his desire and passion returns. Right now, he is trying to help his banged-up body recover and Gronkowski revealed that he is no pain-free.

"It could be the case in 6 months. It could be the case in 2 years, could be the case in 3 years, could be the case in 3 months. But, I truly don't see it in the foreseeable future, in like a week or a month."

The good news is that Gronk continues to follow the NFL and support his former team. He has shown that his love for the game remains the same and that could spark the missing desire and passion he is talking about. So now, it is about the waiting game. Only the five-time Pro Bowler can say when it is time to pad up and rejoin the Pats.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski could announce his retirement before the start of next season. In this picture, Gronkowski Family Foundation makes a donation to Boston Children's Hospital at Boston Children's Hospital in Boston, Feb. 13, 2019. Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Boston Children's Hospital