News Corp. (NASDAQ:NWS) plans to consolidate its London operations under one roof in The Place on the Thames River’s south bank, the newly spun-off company said on Friday.

Largely a newspaper publisher -- with the Sun tabloid, the Sunday Times and Times of London -- the company also comprises the U.K. arms of literary giant HarperCollins and the newswire Dow Jones.

“Our new London location in the vibrant borough of Southwark will allow us to realize one core objective as the new News -- to work more closely and creatively, and leverage our collective resources,” Robert Thomson, the chief executive of News Corp., said in a statement.

The Place stands 17 stories tall, alongside the iconic Shard in the heart of London’s Bridge Quarter, according to its website.

News Corp. split from its lucrative entertainment and television holdings last month. The film studios and television arms became 21st Century Fox (NASDAQ:FOX), which includes Fox News Channel, Fox Searchlight and stakes in BSkyB.