• Paris Saint-Germain fell short against Bayern Munich in the Champions League finals
  • Kylian Mbappe and Neymar took to Twitter to congratulate their opponents
  • The final score of the match was 1-0 care of a header by former PSG winger Kingsley Coman

The UEFA Champions League has come to a close with Bayern Munich emerging victorious over Paris Saint-Germain with a 1-0 victory. Star players of PSG Neymar and Kylian Mbappe took to social media to congratulate their opponents on the well-deserved victory.

It was a difficult loss for PSG with how the game was decided on such a tightly contested affair. The lone goal of the match came from former PSG winger Kingsley Coman. It was a collective team effort that set up Coman for the perfect opportunity to deliver the well-timed header care of a cross from Joshua Kimmich.

Stars Neymar and Mbappe were gracious in defeat as they took to social media to react to the outcome of the match.

"Losing is part of the sport, we try everything, we fight until the end," Neymar shared on Twitter, as translated by

The defense of Bayern Munich was on point the entire match. It was the veteran presence of Manuel Neuer that denied any offensive momentum that PSG could come up with.

"Thanks for the support and affection from everyone. Congratulations Bayern," Neymar continued. 

"Disappointed not to end this year with the best of awards, but life is made that way," Mbappe added on his social media account.

It has been a phenomenal run for Bayern Munich as Robert Lewandowski led his squad during the entire tournament. The star scorer tallied a total of 15 goals in the entire Champions League, only a few markers short of Cristiano Ronaldo’s record of 17.

"We fought with all our might. Congratulations to Bayern. And a big thank you for your support," Mbappe added.

The pace of the match was mostly controlled by Bayern Munich as they tallied 12 shots on target compared to PSG’s 10. In addition to this, Hans-Dieter Flick’s squad had possession for the majority of the game, taking control of the ball for 61% of the match.

“I really think we deserved it tonight, based on what the team has produced over the last 10 months, particularly all season long in the Champions League. It’s been incredible,” Flick said by way of Yahoo.

It will be interesting to see how Bayern Munich can carry the momentum of their winning ways and how they can maintain the dominant play they displayed as Champions League victors.