The tables have been officially turned on Brazilian model Najila Trindade who accused Paris Saint-German forward Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, more commonly known as Neymar Jr., of rape. Due to lack of evidence, authorities have decided not to bring charges against the 27-year-old football player. And now, it is Neymar's turn for payback.

According to TMZ Sports, Trindade is facing multiple criminal charges -- procedural fraud, slanderous denunciation, and extortion. Further, it appears that the Brazilian model's ex-husband has been dragged into the mess. Estivens Alves allegedly leaked the erotic footage of the Neymar hookup which was later on published online.

It was back on May 15 where Trindade accused Neymar of sexually assaulting her when she refused to have unprotected sex with her, the New York Post reported. Aside from that, the 26-year-old model claims that the PSG forward also hit her repeatedly.

“I said: ‘Stop it, stop it, stop it.’ He did not communicate, he just acted,” Trindade told a Brazilian TV station in June.

From here, social media came in. That included Neymar showing messages allegedly from Trindale on WhatsApp, his way of proving that nothing happened.

After that, a video surfaced as well on the same social media app, showing how Neymar was seemingly arguing with the accuser. It appeared to show the Paris Saint-German striker defending himself after the alleged rape on May 15, according to another report from the New York Post.

It was these events that led Neymar's dad and agent, Neymar da Silva Santos to say that his son was indeed set up. Fas-forward to the present, it appears that the setup was indeed made and now the estranged Trindade couple will be facing charges.

Other than that, Neymar seems preoccupied figuring out his next career move. According to, a return by the 27-year-old star to Barcelona has been revived. Neymar Sr. says that negotiations between PSG and Barca are still not over, meaning there is still a chance he could return to Camp Nou.

Neymar was reportedly keen on going back to Barca after leaving the team two years ago for world-record €222 million ($249 million).

"The negotiations between clubs are not over," he said in an appearance at a sports conference. "A Brazilian just wants to be where he is happy and he was very happy in Barcelona. When his friends asked him if he wants to go back, it upset him."