The 2018 NFL Draft is shaping up to be unlike any draft in recent memory. Just a few hours until the Cleveland Browns are set to make the No.1 overall pick, no one seems to know which player is going off the board first.

The first round starts at 8 p.m. EDT Thursday night. ESPN, NFL Network and FOX will all have TV coverage. The draft can also be seen with live streams on WatchESPN,, and FOXSportsGO.

There have been different rumors in the last few weeks regarding whom the Browns might draft. Sam Darnold and Josh Allen were once considered the two possible options. Now, Baker Mayfield has emerged as Cleveland’s possible first choice.

The Browns, New York Giants and New York Jets have the draft’s first three picks and are all in need of franchise quarterbacks. Could they make history by each taking a signal caller with the night’s top three selections?

The Giants have been eyeing running back Saquon Barkley, who might be the best player in the draft. If New York doesn’t take the Penn State product, he probably won’t get past No.4 overall when Cleveland makes their second pick.

What about Josh Rosen? He could go as high as No.2, though there doesn’t seem to be much of a chance that the Browns take him to start the draft.

Here are predictions for where the four marquee quarterbacks will end up at the conclusion of the first round:

Baker Mayfield: Cleveland Browns

Word always gets out regarding the No.1 overall pick in the draft. It took much, much later than usual this year, but reports are continuing to spread that Cleveland will go with the Oklahoma star with their first pick. It’d be a confusing pick to some, who believe Mayfield would still be available when the Browns are up again at No.4 overall, but that seems to be the direction in which Cleveland is headed.

Sam Darnold: New York Giants

As much as Giants’ general manager Dave Gettleman says that he believes Eli Manning has a few good years left, it’s hard to believe New York would pass on Darnold if he’s still on the board. Ever since the start of the 2017 college football season, Darnold has been considered the top quarterback prospect. Barkley would be fun to watch in a Giants' uniform, but taking a running back at No.2 doesn’t make much sense.

Josh Rosen: New York Jets

There are questions about Rosen’s durability, but he could be the Jets’ best option here. Allen’s inaccuracy in college is a concern, and there isn’t much buzz surrounding Allen and the Jets. New York could snag Mayfield is he’s still around at No.3, but that is looking less likely by the minute.

Josh Allen: Buffalo Bills

Whether one falls to them at No.12 overall or they make a trade, the Bills will likely find a way to leave the first round with a quarterback. They’ve already traded up from the No.21 pick, and they probably sent Tyrod Taylor to the Browns with drafting a quarterback in mind. AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman aren’t Buffalo’s future at the most important position in football.