• NFL Insider feels Colin Kaepernick holds low chances of making it even as a backup quarterback
  • Kaepernick will unlikely consider changing positions
  • The Seattle Seahawks have no plans to give Kaepernick a contract

Colin Kaepernick is someone who may still be of use to any NFL team as a backup quarterback at best.

Beyond that, most feel that Kaepernick’s time as an NFL player is over.

Speaking to Filipino journalists Vincent Juico and Brian Yalung on the Sports For All PH podcast, San Francisco 49ers beat reporter Matt Maiocco weighed in on the possibility of the 33-year-old making an NFL return.

“Quite frankly no. I don’t think he has any chance of playing in the NFL again. It’s a tough one right after the 2016 season, the 49ers were going to move on from him as their quarterback and no team ever really showed tremendous interest in giving him the kind of contract that he would have wanted,” Maiocco stated.

Maiocco also discussed the Seattle Seahawks' invite to the former 49ers player.

Seeing that Russell Wilson was there, the 54-year-old reporter said that the Seahawks were not planning to give him a contract.

“I know the Seahawks brought him up to Seattle and Pete Carroll, the coach up there met with him. But they were not going to give him much of anything as far as a contract because they already had Russell Wilson,” Maiocco explained.

Maiocco answered the question thrown by Yalung on the chances of Kaepernick trying to follow the route of Tim Tebow.

The 2007 Heisman Trophy winner made a switch from quarterback to tight-end to possibly make it with the Jacksonville Jaguars. He does not see Kaepernick doing the same.

“No, I don’t think so. I think Colin is a very prideful guy. I don’t think it would even register with Kaepernick to have a position change and come back as a tight end or some other spot. I really don’t think that would be the case,” he stated.

From vilified to vindicated: what next for Colin Kaepernick? From vilified to vindicated: what next for Colin Kaepernick? Photo: GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / EZRA SHAW

Maiocco pointed out that at 33, making an NFL return would be very difficult–even if he were to pursue a backup quarterback role.

“Colin Kaepernick is now at a point in his life where his football career would be on the downside. He is 33 years old and it’s really difficult to make any kind of change like that. It would be difficult for him to even get back into the game as a quarterback,” he stressed.