• The Green Bay Packers are closer than ever in bringing Aaron Rodgers back to the team
  • Speculation was that Rodgers would temporarily retire from football
  • Sources are hopeful that terms will be agreed upon by both sides

Finally, there could be some daylight in Green Bay.

There was a time when it seemed as if Aaron Rodgers was about to call it a career after a long-standing stalemate with the Green Bay Packers’ front office due to what he calls “the culture that they’ve allowed to grow.”

It seemed as if the Packers were also close to believing in it as they had already prepared a contingency plan in drafting Jordan Love as a replacement for Rodgers.

Then Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Rodgers and the Packers front office had apparently come to terms that will entice the 2020 NFL MVP to report for training camp and leave behind all notions of him retiring.

Schefter had also acquired a list of the concessions that they allegedly offered to Rodgers and his camp that they hope will “alleviate” his concerns with the organization.

The reported concessions are as follows:

  1. The 2023 year in Aaron Rodgers’ contract–the last in his current deal–would be voided, with no tags allowed in the future, per sources.
  2. The Packers would agree to review Aaron Rodgers’ situation at the end of this season, per sources.
  3. Aaron Rodgers’ contract would be adjusted with no loss of income this year to give Packers more cap room now.
  4. Mechanisms will be put in place to address Rogers’ issues with the team.

The first three concessions all ensure that the Packers will be doing whatever is needed to keep Rodgers happy in Green Bay in terms of football.

But the second point could be seen as them implying that they’ll trade him wherever he wants to go if he feels the same way with the organization throughout the season.

The fourth is more questionable as no one yet knows what these "mechanisms" are, meaning everyone will have to wait and see what this means.

As it stands, the deal is not yet done and Rodgers is still in California. Sources are hopeful that the situation will be resolved sooner than later.

The Packers are also looking at a potential Davante Adams exit this season after he decided to break off talks with the organization.

But the concessions given to Rodgers from the Packers gives them more cap room to work with in the hope that they keep Adams in the long-term.