• The Minnesota Vikings have elected to re-sign Cousins
  • The Vikings are still expected to pick a young quarterback in the upcoming draft
  • Cousins has a no-trade clause in his newly-signed contract

With their options to fill their quarterback needs this season not looking so good, the Minnesota Vikings have reportedly opted to stick with Kirk Cousins for now.

According to NFL media Tom Peliserro, the Vikings signed Cousins to a one-year fully guaranteed contract extension worth $35 million.

Worth noting here as well is that there is a no-trade clause in place.

This means that Minnesota will have to stick with him until 2024. This is unless Cousins approves a trade to another team.

This development also means that new Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell will get the chance to work with the 33-year-old play-caller.

O’Connell mentioned several times in the past that he is looking forward to working with Cousins.

The new contract of Cousins also lowers his cap hit for 2022. It was reduced from $45 million to $14 million.

Moreover, the new deal includes two void years at the end of it to help Minnesota reduce Cousins’ cap hit for the 2022 campaign.

With the new deal in place, it also suggests that the Vikings were unable to find the right quarterback that would require them to give up a ton of assets.

Although there is the 2022 NFL Draft as an alternative, the Vikings may have not been impressed with the prospects available.

Hence, it seems that their best option was to have Cousins back in the fold despite previous rumors suggesting he could be traded by Minnesota, CBS Sport reported.

Despite the assumed take of Minnesota on the upcoming NFL Draft, the Vikings are still expected to get one if a talented play-caller is available.

However, molding whoever that may be may take time, justifying the re-signing of Cousins who can hold up the fort for now.

O’Connell does get his wish to work with Cousins. But as to whether their partnership can help the Vikings make it back to the playoffs, it is something pundits that will be keeping close tabs with.

Kirk Cousins Minnesota Vikings
Kirk Cousins #8 of the Minnesota Vikings walks off the field after a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on September 16, 2018 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Joe Robbins/Getty Images