• Jimmy Garoppolo is aware that this could be his last run with the Niners
  • He needs to play his best in the playoffs to capture the interest of other teams
  • Trey Lance could be Garoppolo' successor in the quarterback position

Jimmy Garoppolo has had a tough NFL season with the San Francisco 49ers.

However, his future is not looking bright with words going around he is likely to be traded.

Hence, it appears the upcoming NFC wild-card clash of the Niners against the Dallas Cowboys could very well be his last.

The speculation is ripe that the 49ers are set to move on once Garoppolo’s contract is up and shift their focus on Trey Lance.

The current NFL season is viewed as more of a transition period to help the former North Dakota star get acquainted with the system.

Garoppolo is aware of all this and admitted that the thought had crossed his mind during a recent press conference ahead of the 49ers' playoff match against the Cowboys.

“It’s always in the back of your mind,” Garoppolo said. “It has been in mine, you know, really this whole season. Just I knew what type of season it was, knew everything that was going on behind the scenes and whatnot. So it was a little different.”

Regardless, one thing that Garoppolo has in mind is that he needs to make the most out of the little time given to him.

By performing well, it could be his ticket to another big contract come to the offseason.

Hence, the Illinois native may want to end this NFL season with a bang and give it all that he has got.

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San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo celebrates after a win at Levi's Stadium on Jan. 11, 2020 in Santa Clara, California. Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images