Russell Wilson Seahawks 2015
The Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson are the biggest betting line favorite in Week 15. Getty Images

Three weeks remain in the regular season, and with a number of teams angling for the playoffs, only three teams are favored by more than a touchdown in Week 15.

The Seattle Seahawks, benefitting from stellar play by quarterback Russell Wilson, own the distinction as the week’s biggest favorite at -14.5 points over the visiting 3-10 Cleveland Browns. And the New England Patriots and Tom Brady are two-touchdown favorites over the Tennessee Titans, and the streaking Kansas City Chiefs have a 7.5-point spread over the Baltimore Ravens.

Otherwise, all 13 other games in Week 15 are expected to be decided by less than a touchdown. Two matchups, Tampa Bay at St. Louis and Miami at San Diego, are picks (PK), and the Bills are given a slim one-point advantage over the Redskins.

Only one game is missing a line, the very important AFC South clash between the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are once again dealing with any injury at quarterback, with veteran Matt Hasselbeck injuryed in Week 14 but expected as of now to play against the Texans.

Keep all the betting lines and each team’s current streaks in mind before playing our office pool game for Week 15. The pool rules are simple, just circle the team you believe will win and then tally the total number of correct choices. The player with the most correct picks wins Week 15.

In the event of a tiebreaker, use “Monday Night Football’s” combined score to determine a winner. The player whose guess is closest to the tally wins. In the case of this week's game, the New Orleans Saints and the Detroit Lions are expected to be involved in a high-scoring matchup.

Below is the full schedule for Week 15’s games, and you can click here to download a printable version of the document.

NFL Week 15 Pick Game Pic
Week 15's full schedule and betting lines. Greg Price/IB Times