Atlanta Falcons New Orleans Saints
Mark Ingram II #22 of the New Orleans Saints carries the ball against the Atlanta Falcons at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Dec. 7, 2017 in Atlanta. Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Close to 60 percent of the league is still alive in the 2017 NFL playoff picture entering Week 16. Seven of the 12 postseason berths are up for grabs, though a few of them could be clinched before Christmas Day.

The Kansas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Carolina Panthers and Atlanta Falcons all have a chance to secure a playoff spot in Week 16. The New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Jacksonville Jaguars, Philadelphia Eagles and Minnesota Vikings are strictly fighting for postseason seeding.

The Buffalo Bills are the AFC’s No.6 seed. They are the only team that’s currently in the postseason and can’t clinch a playoff berth in Week 16. Buffalo’s main competition for a wild-card berth comes from the Baltimore Ravens, who share the same 8-6 record. The Los Angeles Chargers are one game behind and hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Bills.

A couple of teams haven’t technically been eliminated yet, though it would take a minor miracle to get them in the playoffs. That’s the case for the Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins, who can’t finish better than 8-8. The Detroit Lions are in a similar situation, even though they’ve got a good chance to finish the season with 10 wins.

The loser of Sunday’s contest between the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks will be eliminated from contention. Neither team controls its own destiny.

Let’s take a look at how each team can clinch a playoff spot in Week 16.

Kansas City Chiefs (8-6, AFC No.4 seed)

Kansas City clinches the AFC West title with a win over Miami or a loss by the Chargers to the New York Jets. If the Chiefs tie, they can win the division with a Los Angeles tie.

Tennessee Titans (8-6, AFC No.5 seed)

Beating the Rams is just one part of the equation. Tennessee would also need losses by Buffalo and Baltimore to clinch a wild-card berth. The Titans need a win and a loss by the Jaguars to stay alive in the AFC South race.

Los Angeles Rams (10-4, NFC No.3 seed)

It’s pretty simple for Los Angeles. The only way they won’t clinch the NFC West is if they lose and the Seahawks win.

New Orleans Saints (10-4, NFC No.4 seed)

A win over the Falcons and a loss by the Panthers would give the Saints their first NFC South title in six years. Even if Carolina wins, New Orleans can guarantee themselves no worse than a wild-card berth by beating or tying Atlanta. An unlikely tie in the Dallas-Seattle game would also get the Saints in the postseason.

Carolina Panthers (10-4, NFC No.5 seed)

The Panthers can’t clinch the division title in Week 16 because they lost both head-to-head meetings with the Saints this season. Aside from the Dallas-Seattle tie scenario, Carolina can get in the playoffs by beating or tying the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Atlanta Falcons (9-5, NFC No.6 seed)

Even though they have sole possession of third place in the NFC South, Atlanta still controls their own destiny in the division. Two straight wins to end the season would give them the NFC South crown, and a win in New Orleans Sunday would guarantee them a wild-card berth at the very least. The Falcons can’t clinch a playoff spot with a loss. A Falcons’ tie would require a Dallas-Seattle tie and a Detroit loss or tie to get them in the postseason.