Despite the loss to Philadelphia Thursday, the Giants and Eli Manning are still in solid position to make the postseason. Reuters

Following the New York Giants (10-5) sloppy 24-19 loss to the already eliminated Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night, the fight for the NFC’s four vacant playoff positions has become much rougher as Week 16 continues and Week 17 looms.

New York’s lost opportunity handed the NFC East title and home-field advantage for at least one round to the Dallas Cowboys (12-2), and shut down the very slim possibility the Giants had to overtake the division from their long-time rivals. That leaves the conference’s two wild-card spots as the only avenue for the Giants.

Besides Dallas, the Seattle Seahawks are the only other NFC team to secure a postseason berth. The Seahawks already locked down the NFC West title and are in position to earn the No. 2 seed and a first-round bye if they can hold off current NFC division leaders: the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions.

Otherwise, the rest of the contenders are in a heated battle for any postseason berth.

Atlanta Falcons (9-5)

Currently first in the NFC South, the Falcons and quarterback Matt Ryan are sizing up their first division crown since 2012 – the last time they made the playoffs too. Atlanta’s last two games are at three-time defending division champ Carolina Panthers on Sunday and vs. the New Orleans Saints in the regular-season finale. The Falcons can clinch the division by holding off the Panthers, coupled with a Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss or tie against the Saints.

Because of Seattle’s tie with Arizona in Week 7, Atlanta could move as high as No. 2 and earn a bye.

Detroit Lions (9-5)

The Lions hold a one-game NFC North lead and could at least sew up a postseason berth before taking the field against Dallas on Monday. In Week 16, Detroit can clinch if the Washington Redskins lose to or tie with the Chicago Bears, and if the Bucs fall to the Saints and the Falcons defeat the Panthers.

The division could be Detroit’s in Week 16 as well. They need to beat Dallas and for Green Bay to fall to the Minnesota Vikings. The Lions can also secure at least a wild-card nod by beating Dallas, coupled with a Bucs loss or tie, a tie with Dallas and a Bucs loss, or a tie with Dallas, a Bucs tie and a Falcons win.

Detroit last made the postseason in 2014, but haven’t won a playoff game since the 1991 season playoffs.

Green Bay Packers (8-6)

Midway through the season it appeared Green Bay was on the verge of missing the postseason with quarterback Aaron Rodgers under center for the first time since 2008. But if the Packers win their final two games (vs. Minnesota, at Detroit) they win the NFC North since they’d be 2-0 against Detroit.

Green Bay has a chance to land a spot this week too. They need to beat Minnesota and hope for the Bucs and Redskins to lose and an Atlanta win in order to pull ahead of Tampa Bay in the strength-of-victory tiebreaker.

New York Giants (10-5)

While Eli Manning takes his lumps for a poor performance and three interceptions vs. Philadelphia, the Giants are in relatively solid shape. They can still sew up a postseason berth if Green Bay, Detroit, Tampa Bay or Atlanta loses.

But with the division title lost, New York can’t climb any higher than the No. 5 seed, the highest of the wild cards.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6)

Though Dallas snapped their five-game winning streak, the Bucs can take solace in the fact that they don’t have to win their final two games in order to make the postseason. Although it would be much easier if they win at New Orleans and then at home against Carolina.

In Week 16, the Bucs can clinch if they beat New Orleans, and the Packers, Lions and Redskins all lose.