The referees robbed the Detroit Lions a win on Monday in a National Football League (NFL) match against Green Bay Packers at the Lambeau Field.

There were several poor calls by the referees as Packers just squeezed past with a 23-22 victory to remain on the top while Lions were at the bottom of the NFC North table.

There were two wrong calls in particular - hands-to-the-face penalties - on Lions defensive end Trey Flowers and both the penalties helped the Packers to remain in the match.

The Packers received the first penalty on a third-and-10 on their penultimate offensive possession during the fourth quarter. The penalty gave Packers a first down instead of a fourth down. However, the replays showed that Flowers had his hands on Packers' David Bakhtiari's shoulder pads and not on his face. Three plays later, Packers' Aaron Rodgers dropped a dime to Allen Lazard for a touchdown, which reduced the Lions’ deficit to just two points.

During the Packers' final possession on a third-and-4, it was a repeat of the wrong-penalty episode, involving the same players. Flowers once again put his hands on Bakhtiari's shoulders but, the tackle threw the latter's head back.

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford #9 of the Detroit Lions scrambles with the ball in the first half of the game against the Minnesota Vikings at U.S. Bank Stadium on November 4, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

That move could have been on purpose by the Packers' tackle, Bakhtiari, in an attempt to earn a penalty that eventually worked. Flowers was wrongly flagged again and that opened the doors wide open for the Packers. The penalty earned Packers a first down and they also had enough time to go for a field goal as well, while the Lions never ever got back the ball.

The Packers were expected to struggle on Monday as they were without a few crucial players, who were out of action due to injuries. However, they had Rodgers, who was surprisingly supported by Lazard, the guy who went undrafted in 2018. Prior to this game, he had one catch for seven yards in six career matches.

By the time, Monday night ended, Lazard had clinched four catches for 65 yards and a superb touchdown grab in the fourth quarter. Rodgers wrapped up with a drive over the final six minutes, which was capped with Mason Crosby’s kick.