The clock is ticking for Tom Brady as the New England Patriots quarterback reaches the critical stage of his NFL career. Regardless, the Pats seem to be convinced that the six-time Super Bowl champion still has some left in the tank. He was recently given a two-year $70 million contract extension, one that runs through 2021.

According to, the deal raises Brady's 2019 salary from $15 million to $23 million. The four-time Super Bowl MVP will also be scheduled to make $30 million in 2020 and $32 million in 2021. Also, both Brady and the Pats are "amenable" to adjust the numbers if necessary, reported.

And while that should douse water on all speculations of Brady's future (particularly in the financial aspect), a new twist has entered the fray. This is regarding the Tom Brady mansion being listed for sale at $39.5 million. Most speculate that with the contract and the mansion sale, Brady seems to be preparing for retirement already.

Logically, it seems to be where Brady and Giselle Bundchen are headed as they start plans for post-NFL life. But according to the three-time NFL MVP, people should not read too much on it. He singles out how the price of his house is a little bit expensive and that it may take some time for anyone to buy. He tackled the topic when he appeared on WEEI's The Greg Hill Show recently.

"I am certainly at a place -- we have been at the same place for a long time and I love playing for the Patriots. I have such a great relationship with Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick and our team. We'll worry about that when that happens. This isn't the time to worry about it," said the future NFL Hall of Famer.

Originally, Brady had wanted to play until he was 45. Depending on how the next two NFL seasons go, he may just attain that if he still shows he can lead the Pats to their winning ways. That all starts this season as the GOAT tries to show everyone that he still has what it takes to call plays out there in the football field.