• NFL insider Benjamin Allbright provided an update about the looming trade of Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers
  • Allbright claimed he was told by Rodgers' camp that the quarterback's new favorite landing spot is the Denver Broncos
  • A Wisconsin-based pub has made a one-of-a-kind offer for the reigning NFL MVP

The reigning NFL MVP may have just identified his new preferred landing spot as the entire sport waits for his decision.

The Green Bay Packers are believed to be using everything at their disposal to keep Aaron Rodgers on their roster. However, it has become apparent that a trade is likely to happen this offseason as the star quarterback is reportedly seeking a move away from Wisconsin.

Earlier reports stated that Rodgers narrowed down his list to just three teams, with the San Francisco 49ers being his favorite. However, Denver Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright recently said, citing an anonymous source from Rodgers’ “camp,” that the Denver Broncos has become the 37-year-old’s “number one destination.”

“I think it’s better than 50-50 that it happens, and I can tell you that I know from [Aaron] Rodgers’ camp that Denver is his number one destination,” Allbright said during an appearance on “Broncos Country Tonight” on iHeartRadio. “His preferred destination is the Denver Broncos.”

Fox 11 local news reporter Ryan Wing, on the other hand, suggested that Rodgers has hinted at the possibility that he is staying with the Packers.

According to Wing, “multiple people” have recently spotted Rodgers in Green Bay, a place he rarely really comes back to during this time of the year.

“I’ve heard from multiple people the past 24 hours who have seen Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay,” Wing tweeted. “The latest sighting was near Lambeau.”

“For context: locker clean out happens the day after the season,” he added. “Plus, Rodgers rarely comes back to GB in the offseason.”

Clearly, Green Bay Packers fans do not want Rodgers to leave. In fact, in a wild attempt to convince their hometown hero to stay, Wisconsin-based pub Mr. Brews Taphouse has decided to make a one-of-a-kind offer for Rodgers.

In exchange for his commitment to stay with the Packers, Rodgers and his fiancée Shailene Woodley will get free burgers and beer for life every time they visit the pub.

“Seriously, we can’t let Aaron go. No way, no how,” Mr. Brews Taphouse founder and CEO Steve Day said in a news release, per the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “Not only is he coming off yet another MVP season, but he is the face of our beloved franchise. We aren’t in a position to renegotiate his contract, but we can offer him and Shailene [Woodley] a delicious meal and great brews whenever they like.”

“Come on, Aaron, please stay,” he added.

Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers throws a pass in the Packers' NFL victory over the Detroit Lions
Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers throws a pass in the Packers' NFL victory over the Detroit Lions GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Gregory Shamus