• Zach Wilson's mom Lisa became a trending topic on social media on draft day
  • Wilson addressed the subject in a professional way
  • The Jets have reassured their No. 2 pick of one thing ahead of his debut

Ahead of his New York Jets debut, first-round draft pick Zach Wilson has already proven that he’s a true professional.

As the Jets celebrate the copping of Wilson, their No. 2 pick, some were more focused on the youngster’s mom Lisa, who accompanied her son during draft day. After TV cameras panned over to Lisa, social media users began commenting about how attractive the 42-year-old is, New York Post reported.

Baffled by “how awkward” it was for Wilson to learn that his mom has become a trending topic on the internet for her looks, NYC radio host Craig Carton took the opportunity to quiz the QB. According to Wilson, he doesn’t really like to talk about it, but he is grateful for the support of his mom.

“It’s not my favorite [topic], for sure,” Wilson said of his mom becoming a hot subject during draft day. “We like to keep her out of the spotlight, but she’s an awesome lady, and I love having her support.”

Carton, on the other hand, was trolled over the subject and was accused by social media users of asking a “dumb” question.

For his part, Carton stressed that he never asked Wilson to “comment” about his mom’s looks.

“Appreciate how sensitive u r but b sure 2 listen 2 what I said versus what u assume I said,” Carton tweeted. “I asked him how awkward it was that the Post wrote story about his moms looks, also the #1 trending topic online all day. I didnt ask him bout her looks or 2 comment on them Big difference.”

Contrary to what the internet noticed about Wilson’s family during draft day, the quarterback’s BYU coach Kalani Sitake witnessed a touching moment.

“You could just see the emotion pouring out,” Sitake told Deseret News. “It just all sunk in for them. I am honored to have been able to witness that.”

The New York Jets, meanwhile, have assured Wilson that the organization will help him soar in his career.

“The biggest thing I want to tell you, just remember this: This organization is going to lift you. Not the other way around,” Jets coach Robert Saleh told Wilson via a phone call. “Enjoy this day. It will be all gas from here on out.”

“I think I probably know more about you than I know about my own kids,” Jets owner Woody Johnson told Wilson after taking the phone. “We’re so happy to have you.”

Woody Johnson
New York Jets owner Woody Johnson has already begun his search for Rex Ryan's replacement. Reuters