• Hoyer interested in returning to New England
  • Hoyer aiming for quarterback role
  • Hoyer familiarity could be plus with Belichick

The New England Patriots search for a quarterback continues and another former player could be worth considering. Brian Hoyer, who was with the Patriots from 2009-2011, is now among the many NFL free agents after getting released by the Indianapolis Colts.

In a previous post, it was mentioned how considering Jacoby Brissett made sense. But since the Colts decided to let Hoyer go instead, the Pats target could change. The 32-year-old may not be the ideal starting quarterback for the Pats but Hoyer could serve as a good backup. Then again, if the Pats are unable to get a top quarterback for next season, there is a chance that they could turn to Hoyer to fill in the void for the meantime.

According to Jeff Howe of The Athletic, Hoyer is interested in returning to his former team but with lower expectations. Also, it would be best to note that the Patriots had plans to bring him back last year with the roster riddled with injuries. Now with a big hole at the play-calling position, considering Hoyer once more would make a lot of sense.

Following the departure of Tom Brady, the Patriots are left with Cody Kessler and Jarrett Stidham as the team's only legitimate quarterbacks. The fact that Hoyer has played for New England in the past and has the experience under his belt could make him eligible to hold the starting QB position temporarily. If he fails to pan out, then coach Bill Belichick can give other QBs a chance to see who is worthy to be starting for them next NFL season.

It remains to be seen if Hoyer will be at the top of the list. There are big names available in the market such as Cam Newton and Jameis Winston. Hoyer may not be as impactful as them although he may cost less. Further, health is a must - a reason why Newton has led other NFL teams to think twice. It makes no sense bringing in a proven star if he will not be on the field leading the charge.

When he was still with the Colts, Hoyer completed 35 of his 65 attempts for 372 yards, four touchdowns, and four interceptions. The number may not be that glaring but familiarity and conditioning could force the Pats to seriously sit down and talk to him.

Brian Hoyer Chicago Bears
Brian Hoyer will start at quarterback for the Chicago Bears after replacing the injured Jay Cutler on Sept. 19, 2016 at Soldier Field in Chicago. Getty