• The Philadelphia Eagles were last year's NFC  East division winners
  • Predictions have the Dallas Cowboys overtake the Philadelphia Eagles as this year's division champion 
  • Two elite running backs Devonta Freeman and LeSean McCoy are eyed free-agents of the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are looking to further improve their roster to make an impression as the best team in the NFC East. It is speculated that the Eagles are interested in Devonta Freeman and LeSean McCoy.

While the Eagles finished first in their division in the 2019 season, the recent predictions have them ranked behind the Dallas Cowboys. This is because it has been one of the more productive offseasons for the Cowboys with all the signings, trades and draft picks they’ve made.

One of the moves that stood out the most for the Cowboys is drafting offensive star CeeDee Lamb as the 17th overall pick. The selection was considered a steal and elevated Dallas as the team to look out for in the NFC East.

With all of these, however, the Eagles remain persistent in finding more ways to deepen their squad. If they are able to add an elite running back to their team then the Eagles just might alter the season predictions.

Having Freeman to their team adds a Pro-Bowler that can help them offensively on the field. The former second-team All-Pro has accomplished a lot in the league and proves to be a significant addition to any squad.

As a member of the Atlanta Falcons, Freeman was the NFL’s rushing touchdown leader in 2015. While he suffered a knee injury back in 2018, the former first-team All-ACC athlete was able to bounce back briefly the following year and tallied 656 rushing yards accompanied by 59 receptions.

A similar boost can be said with McCoy as the winning experience of the six-time Pro-Bowler will benefit the Eagles well. Having the veteran presence of a former Super Bowl champion can be a good signing for Philadelphia. Considering that McCoy started his career with the Eagles, his addition will be a great locker room presence for the squad.

Per the NFL’s official website, McCoy has contemplated on ending his career with the Eagles.

“This last go-around, man, for the last time, just to put my stamp on my career, and I want to leave out the way I came in,” McCoy said.

With everything that McCoy has accomplished in the league, it wouldn’t be a shock how he would continue to exert extra effort in this stage of his career.

"Hard worker, man, with some success. I'll probably put one more year together, depending on how I feel, but one year for sure, man, just to put my stamp on it."

It would be interesting to see if the Eagles will be able to sign any of these two running backs to further make them a threat in their division.

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