Rob Gronkowski officially retired back in March but it appears that a potential NFL return is looming. Apparently, not too many are sold on the idea that three-time Super Bowl champion really called it a career. Some believe that a comeback will happen at some point although there is no definite time on when this will happen.

As far as former New England Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins is concerned, seeing the 30-year-old return is likely. He singles out how the 30-year-old tight end will miss playing pro football and something could pop up later this year, TMZ Sports reported.

"He loves the limelight," Wiggins said. "And, what better way to keep continue to build the Gronk brand by being out on the field?"

Assuming that Wiggins's claim does come to fruition, there is the question on his conditioning. Having stayed away from football for quite some time is likely to show some rust although 44-year-old believes will have no trouble getting back into shape.

"He's still got plenty of gas left in the tank," said Jermaine. "He'll be back. I'm telling you. Watch."

And while Wiggins may know something that NFL sources don't, Gronkowski's agent believes otherwise. Drew Rosenhaus admits that he would be surprised if Gronk does come back for the Patriots. And it appears a report from Pro Football Talk supports that claim, pegging a potential comeback at only 40-percent.

The only person who can truly say that he is coming back, or at least considering it, is Gronkowski. It appears he is enjoying life and hardly needs money. If ever he does decide, it could be because he misses the game and his teammates - particularly Tom Brady.

The urge to win one more NFL title could motivate him as well. He is already a three-time Super Bowl champion so aiming for a fourth will need a special reason. Better yet, a Gronkowski return could help the Pats win a seventh Lombardi Trophy. If Gronk still wants to be in the spotlight, that could be enough reason for him to make an NFL return.

Until something is announced, Gronkowski remains officially retired. He made headlines recently after pictures of him looking thinner made rounds. Regardless, the 42nd pick of the 2010 NFL Draft says that he still weighs around 250 lbs. which is 20 lbs. less than his playing weight. If he does return, he should have no problem bulking up for the grind.

Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski announced his retirement from the NFL on Mar. 24, 2019 after nine seasons with the New England Patriots. In this picture, Gronkowski #87 of the New England Patriots celebrates his team's victory in the Super Bowl LIII at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Feb. 3, 2019. Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images