• The Buffalo Sabres may consider pitches for Jack Eichel
  • The New York Rangers may try to acquire Eichel again with a better offer
  • Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams may consider a reasonable deal for Eichel

The Buffalo Sabres are expected to pull off something on the trade block although it remains unclear who they will deal away.

Names such as Taylor Hall have been suggested, but general manager Kevyn Adams has yet to get something tempting.

While interest in the 29-year-old player is allegedly intensifying, the Sabre who could be moving out may be Jack Eichel.

Initially, an NHL trade involving Eichel hardly made sense. He is sidelined with an injury, and any deal involving the 24-year-old center could happen in the offseason.

But Elliotte Friedman offers an interesting insight on Eichel which could make sense.

Friedman feels that Adams may be up to something, a reason why he deserves close monitoring. He refers to the Sabres top brass as someone who loves to juggle through multiple scenarios to make the team better.

With nothing much to lose, Adams is likely entertaining offers although nothing is certain.

Like Hall, it would not come as a surprise if there are teams interested in checking out the availability of Eichel.

The list of teams who could make a go for the Massachusetts native includes Boston, Calgary, New Jersey and Chicago.

There is no official word if any of these teams have made an official offer. But assuming there is one, it needs to be pretty tempting for Buffalo to consider it.

Of the teams mentioned, the New York Rangers have been singled out as a potent destination for Eichel.

Friedman claimed that there was an offer made last year although it lacked the assets that would have enticed Adams to agree to it.

Regardless, Friedman bared that the said offer was allegedly reasonable.

Ryan Miller stretches for a glove save. The Sabres goaltender has become a force over the past two weeks.
Ryan Miller stretches for a glove save. The Sabres goaltender has become a force over the past two weeks. REUTERS

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Eichel has been linked to the Rangers.

New York is seen as the team that has the right assets to pull a deal off and one could have happened in the summer.

Probably factoring that in, the Rangers may try again with a better package for Eichel–hopefully, something more acceptable to convince the Sabres to seal the deal.

The last time that Eichel played was in February where he scored the eighth overtime goal of his career as Buffalo prevailed over the Columbus Blue Jackets, 2-1.