At least nine people were killed and several others injured when a military fighter jet crashed in a crowded area in Yeman’s capital city of Sanaa Tuesday, local media reported.

According to the reports, the jet crashed into a building near "Change Square," one of the most crowded areas in Sanaa. “Change Square” is the site of two years of anti-government protests.

According to a Yemen Times report, the plane was in a training mission when it crashed. An amateur video uploaded on YouTube claiming to be of the crash site shows the wreckage burning on the streets and setting ablaze the vehicles nearby.

The defense authorities said the plane was a Russian-made Sukhoi SU-22 attack aircraft and the crash killed pilot Mohamed Shaker.

Rescue operations were on with ambulances shifting the injured to hospitals.

A military plane crash owing to a technical snag killed 13 people in Sanaa Feb. 15.

Ten people were killed when a military cargo plane crashed in the city Nov 21 last.