Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard's future at the San Antonio Spurs seems bleak. Pictured: San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard (2) runs back up the court during the second half against the Dallas Mavericks at the American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas, Dec 12, 2017. Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Despite reports of tension between the San Antonio Spurs players and Kawhi Leonard, forward Danny Green claims the roster all have his back.

Leonard has missed all but nine games for the Spurs this season after suffering a quadriceps injury. However, having last featured in the 112-80 win over the Denver Nuggets on Jan. 13, the two-time Defensive Player of the Year was expected to be back in action in mid-March.

Still on the sidelines with no return date, it was reported by ESPN last month that the Spurs players were frustrated with his continued absence and implored him to return in a players-only meeting. In addition, former Spurs player Stephen Jackson recently attacked the likes of veterans Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili as well as head coach Gregg Popovich for their handling of the situation.

"He [Parker] can be selfish, and by this comment, I won’t be surprised if this makes Kawhi wanna leave," Jackson said in reference to Parker's comments that he had a much worse injury than Leonard. "Because when your teammates go against you in the media, not having your back, you know that’s coming from up top, why would you wanna be there … By the fact that came from Tony like that, that’s super low. I lost a lot of respect for Tony because they always say, ‘Well this is a class act, this is a class organization.’ That was low coming from one of your teammates.”

However, Green, who previously took to Twitter to deny reports of a players-only meeting, said the players are nothing but supportive of Leonard and that no one is at odds with each other.

"I can say from our team and from their perspective and standpoint, I can speak for most of them, there is no odds," Green told Chris Broussard’s In The Zone podcast, as per Uproxx. "We're not at odds with him. I don't know about the front office, I don't know about family issues or whatever that is."

"I would like to guess none because he's in the facility, he's at the arena, he's still there, they communicate, they still talk and check up on him, he still works out with our training staff. But from the team's perspective, there's nobody on our team that's at odds with him. We understand, we have his back regardless of what he's been going through," he said.

Regardless of which side is telling the truth, Leonard's future in San Antonio does seem bleak. The 2014 NBA Finals most valuable player is reported to being courted by a number of teams, with the Boston Celtics touted as a potential location, which seems to indicate that the franchise is open to a trade in the offseason.

The Spurs (45-34) are currently in No. 5 in the Western Conference after losing their last two games but should be able to clinch a spot in the playoffs with just three games left in the regular season.