The North Korean government Saturday called Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe an "idiot" and "political dwarf" after Abe stated North Korea launched ballistic missiles.

"It can be said that Abe is the only one idiot in the world and the most stupid man ever known in history," a statement broadcast by Korean Central News Agency said, "as he fails to distinguish a missile from a multiple launch rocket system while seeing the photo-accompanied report which even civilians who have no knowledge of the 'military affairs,' to say nothing of soldiers, can know with a single glance."

The statement, which came from an official in North Korea's Foreign Ministry, then added that Japan "may see what a ballistic missile is in the not distant future." North Korea has previously called Abe an "idiot and villain" who should not even dream of setting foot in Pyongyang.

North Korea and Japan do not have formal diplomatic relations.

On Thursday, North Korea shot two short-range projectiles into the ocean, with Abe calling the move a "grave challenge to the international community." The tests were likely a reminder to the U.S. that it has until the end of the year to reach a nuclear agreement.

North Korea and the U.S. are currently in a series of negotiations, where Pyongyang would commit to a path to denuclearization in exchange for reduced sanctions. The two sides last met in Sweden in October, with negotiations falling through on the first day of talks. President Trump has met with Korean Leader Kim Jong Un in Vietnam and Singapore to discuss the issue previously, but so far no concrete agreement has been achieved.