After fleeing justice in Italy over a double murder, a notorious Serbian gunman was on Thursday convicted by a Spanish court of killing another three people, two of them policemen.

Believed to be a former soldier, Norbert Feher was found guilty of three murders that took place in Spain's northeastern Aragon region in December 2017 in which he gunned down a livestock farmer and two Guardia Civil police officers.

A notoriously violent criminal, known in both Italy and Spain as "Igor the Russian", Feher went on trial on April 12 at a court in Teruel, with a jury delivering the guilty verdict which made headlines on Spanish television.

Prosecutors have called for him to face life in prison, with sentencing due to take place next week.

Norbert Feher in the Spanish court which found him guilty of three murders
Norbert Feher in the Spanish court which found him guilty of three murders POOL / Antonio Garcia

The same court in Teruel had in January 2020 found him guilty of two counts of attempted murder and sentenced him to 21 years behind bars for firing at another two men in the Teruel area shortly before his arrest in December 2017.

Considered extremely dangerous, Feher assaulted four prison officers with a sharp piece of tile just before being transferred to court to begin his trial, the prison authorities said.

He went on the run in April 2017 after killing a barman and a guard in northern Italy, fleeing to Spain later that year to escape the Italian manhunt.

In April 2018, he was convicted in absentia for the double murder by an Italian court which sentenced him to life in jail.

During his time in Italy and Spain, Feher used up to 23 aliases and allegedly boasted he had previously been a former Serbian paramilitary, an ex-Russian spy who was exiled to China and a male escort in Spain, El Pais newspaper reported.