Notre Dame will not buck tradition and unveil new uniforms for the 2013 BCS National Championship game but is getting new gloves for the big game. Alabama will don new uniforms when they play Notre Dame on Monday.

The traditional blue and gold of Notre Dame will remain intact for the 2013 BCS National Championship. While the Fightin’ Irish are set to go against the Crimson Tide, the team will wear new Adidas gloves that combine to say “Fightin’ Irish.” This is the only known uniform change for Notre Dame for the BCS Championship. Yahoo! Sports notes the “N” is stylized to the point that it almost looks like “Fight In Irish.”

Late last week, Alabama unveiled new uniforms that Nike revealed will be part of the Nike Pro Combat Hypercool line and will feature Nike Chain Maille Mesh, a “lightweight, ultra-breathable material that emphasizes improved thermoregulation.” For Alabama and Nike, it’s about performance and offering the team a uniform that will help keep the players cool and will wick away the sweat. There are no drastic changes to Alabama’s traditional uniform or legacy; Nike will keep it simple with crimson and white.

Alabama will also debut new gloves. Similar to Notre Dame, these gloves combine to form the script capital “A” that Alabama is known for.

For fans, the uniforms are secondary to the title, but many will be disappointed that neither team will completely revamp their uniforms.

The Oregon Ducks have been leading that charge for the last few years, each year, and bowl game, presenting something completely unexpected. For this year’s Fiesta Bowl, Oregon unveiled uniforms that change colors constantly depending on the angle there are viewed from.