• The coronavirus has forced top athletes to stay indoors 
  • A new indoor internet challenge kicked off 
  • Novak Djokovic and Stan Wawrinka are among the nominated to participate 

The coronavirus has greatly affected the world as it continues to infect thousands of lives across the world. This has become the new reality everyone is facing, as the complexities of the COVID-19 remain to be a rapidly evolving issue. The global pandemic has drastically changed the course of the world, forcing people to stay home at all times.

The practice of social distancing has been emphasized by the World Health Organization and thus eliminating the usual human interaction that the people are accustomed to. Everyone is expected to remain indoors to decrease the probability of the virus spreading even further.

While this is a precautionary measure for everyone’s safety, it has given rise to a new Internet Challenge. The #StayAtHomeChallenge encourages everyone to follow the proper protocol during this difficult time while showing that having fun is still very much possible.

It’s derived from the challenge popularized by football players to juggle a roll of toilet paper while being recorded. Lionel Messi was one of these stars who decided to join in and film themselves for the cause.

In the tennis world, Vasek Pospisil was among these players who participated in this game, where he tagged World Number One player Novak Djokovic to play along.

While it’s expected to use any part of the body that is legal in a game of football, some tennis players have taken it to the next level. Karen Khachoanov has stepped up and used his tennis racket to juggle the toilet paper roll. He then completed his routine and tagged several top players as well – including multiple-time Grand Slam winner Stan Wawrinka.

Stan the Man, however, seems to be spending his quarantine time differently among the other players. He recently tweeted a photo of him toasting a glass of wine with a giant stuffed polar bear.

Djokovic has yet to respond to the challenge but has shown support nonetheless to those risking their lives for the coronavirus. He recently shared on social media how important it is to stay indoors at this time. He then shared a photo of the medical workers with a hashtag #stayhome as a way to appreciate those who put themselves at risk for everyone’s safety.

Djokovic overwhelmed Tsitsipas on Friday
Djokovic overwhelmed Tsitsipas on Friday AFP / Christophe ARCHAMBAULT