• The elderly residents at the state-run facility in Taiwan were retired veterans
  • Video shows the dancer thrusting her breasts at a resident while twerking
  • The staff admitted the performer was a bit "too enthusiastic and fiery"

A nursing home in Taiwan planned a fun evening with a lingerie-clad stripper for their wheelchair-bound patients, a bizarre move that has attracted the ire of many.

Taoyuan Veterans Home, a state-run facility in Taiwan's Taoyuan City for retired army personnel organized a party for 12 patients, the highlight of the event being the stripper who seemingly got hot and heavy with at least one of them, according to a video that's gone viral on the internet.

The nursing home had to issue an apology after they received backlash for the video which shows the dancer thrusting her breasts in the face of an elderly patient, and twerking.

However, it appears the old man didn't mind the experience as the video captured him briefly fondling her in return. This would have been a problem if he were at a strip club where touching the performers is harshly dealt with.

The dancer also reportedly offered a lap dance to another veteran while other patients clapped in sync with the music.

The nursing home staff said the performance was organized as part of the Mid-Autumn Festival, an annual harvest festival. This was the clinic's first celebration post-pandemic, a Taiwanese publication reported.

"I find this [disrespectful] and offensive. But then again this is Taiwan where they hire strippers for funerals," one user tweeted. Another put forth a differing opinion, tweeting, "Boys boys.... if you ever need a nursing home, write down their number! Ha! I literally see nothing wrong with this. Get their juices flowing one last time! #Taiwan"

"I see no wrongs Bravo Nursing home in Taiwan you have my respect the full Force of the US Navy should protect its sovereignty.....lmao," a third user chimed in. "Occasional distractions may be healthy," remarked another.

The nursing home's attempt to bring festive cheer to its residents stuck out like a sore thumb online, and they were forced to issue an apology saying future events will be carried out "cautiously".

The staff admitted that things became a little too kinky due to the performer being "too enthusiastic and fiery," the New York Post reported. The celebrations also included a game of bingo and karaoke in the adjoining nursing hall, which were more toned down.

Chinese Stripper
Families in rural China would often hire strippers for entertaining mourners during funerals – a practice that the Chinese government is trying to prevent from happening. In this photo, a stripper dances for a customer at the Deja Vu Showgirls Club on Bourbon Street in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Sept. 21, 2005. Getty Images/ MENAHEM KAHANA