President Barack Obama became the first president to use Twitter to communicate with the public during the first ever Twitter TownHall @ the White House Wednesday.

Similar to his recent Facebook TownHall, bo, as he called himself on Twitter, answered questions ranging from jobs, national debt, taxes and the housing market to all users who used the hash tag #AskObama.

Accompanied by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, the President broke the Twitter rules answering some of the 18 chosen questions verbally in much more than 140 characters with lengthy responses.

I know on Twitter I am supposed to be short, he said. Thankfully for the President, the White House Twitter team abbreviated his answers on Twitter as a recap to live report the event as it was happening.

The President referred to the questioners by their user names which ranged from RenegadeNerd, who questioned about raising the debt ceiling through executive order, to Republic House Speaker John Boehner, who questioned about the job market.

Boehner tweeted, After embarking on a record spending binge that's left us deeper in debt, where are the jobs? Acknowledging that the question was slightly skewed, President Obama responded saying, What he is right about is that we have not seen fast enough job growth relative to the need.

Each question was answered verbally in usual White House style fashion by the President following Dorsey's reading of the question and user's information on the screen display.

However, the President was not exactly reachable to anyone with a Twitter account; the 8 person White House Twitter curators vetted out the thousands of questions involving risqué topics like marijuana and gay marriage.

The pandemonium was worsened by the mass amount of unconventional and inappropriate messages that didn't make it through the gatekeepers' watch like, In order to convince Americans who are on the fence, would you give up your own two daughters if Israel's security depended on it? and I just love Michelle's arms!! Can I have them?