President Barack Obama will on Thursday at 6pm EST meet with Harvard University scholar and the policeman who arrested him at the White House which according to chief White House spokesman, Robert Gibbs, will be about having a beer and de-escalation.

Obama called the two men Friday and invited them to meet with him in an attempt to quell a furious debate over police relations with minorities that began when news broke last week that the white police officer, James Crowley, investigating a report of a possible break-in, had arrested Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., at his own home for disorderly conduct.

According to Gibbs, the meeting will take place on the picnic table outside the president's oval office. Gibbs said, The president wants to continue to take down the temperature a bit.

There is no formal agenda for the president's meeting, Gibbs said, but rather a chance to talk and a chance to have a dialogue.