Jonathan Papelbon
After seven seasons in Boston, closer Jonathan Papelbon signed with the Philadelphia Phillies in 2012. Reuters

Major League closer Jonathan Papelbon talked about ballpark security and the Boston Marathon bombings earlier this week, stressing how “crazy” things are these days, and that President “Obama wants to take our guns.”

The former Boston Red Sox and current Philadelphia Phillie spoke to CSN Philly on Monday, just hours after two bombs exploded at the 4:09:00 mark near the finish line of the race.

"Today's day and age, has gotten so crazy, everything. You know? [There is] all this stuff going on,” Papelbon said to CSN Philly. “And, shoot man, Obama wants to take our guns from us and everything. And you got this kind of stuff going on? It's just a little bit insane for me, man. I really don't even know how to take it."

Papelbon may have been referring to the gun law legislation that was blocked by the U.S. Senate Wednesday, calling for tighter restrictions on firearm sales.

The 32-year-old played seven seasons at Fenway, winning one World Series in 2007. He expressed his dismay and sorrow for the city, and also said he used to live very close to where the explosions occurred.

Papelbon also suggested his uneasiness with walking through Boston and Philadelphia crowds prior to games.

"You know, the Phillies did a thing the other day here for us and Opening Day where we walked through the crowd," he said. "And I know that when I was there in Boston, we came down through the bleachers for one opening game. And, yeah, you know I don't feel comfortable doing that. I really, truly don't."

The video below shows some of Papelbon’s interview with CSN Philly.