Dr. Donald Palmisano spokesman for the Coalition to Protect Patients’ Rights and former president of the American Medical Association said on Monday Obama “prescribed the wrong treatment” with his plans to improve the country’s healthcare system.

Palmisano said for sure ways to expand access to affordable health care to the uninsured need to be found but Obama’s proposed plan will “only put more patients at risk of not getting the treatment they need” and not improve the current health care system.

Palmisano said Obama was not in favor of caps on damages and offered no solution to the broken medical liability system.

Palismo said the decision of what treatment patients can and cannot have should be decided by the doctors and not by the government as he spoke of countries with a government controlled healthcare system.

“More than 80 percent of Americans currently have health insurance, and the vast majority of them are overwhelmingly satisfied with their coverage, so let’s fix the problem we have – not one that doesn’t exist,” he said.

He concluded saying its best to entrust patients to the “trusted adviser” being the doctor and to keep the government out of the doctor’s office.