Ohio State Highway patrol
A private jet hit a building in Ohio, reportedly killing 9 people Tuesday. This photo shows Ohio State Highway Patrolmen the southern part of Interstate 270. Photo taken Dec. 6, 2003. Reuters/Ronnie Bianco

Nine people were killed Tuesday after a small business jet crashed into an apartment building in an Akron, Ohio neighborhood, local media reports said, citing police sources. Authorities confirmed that at least two people were dead and investigators are trying to determine the number of people aboard the 10-seater Hawker H25 jet.

The jet, which took off from Dayton, was reportedly on its way to Akron Fulton International Airport, about 2 miles from where it crashed. Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Haymaker told the Associated Press that the plane clipped a utility wire and burst into flames. The jet reportedly disintegrated after impact.

Lt. Sierjie Lash, an Akron fire department spokeswoman, said that no one was inside the apartment building, which was hit by the plane. A nearby house also caught fire, according to reports.

A mass-fatality team is expected to conduct recovery operations Wednesday morning, authorities reportedly said. Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board officials were due at the scene of the crash. The cause of the crash remains unconfirmed.

According to Reuters, Akron-based electric services company FirstEnergy Corp said that the crash left 1,500 customers around the airport without power.

"It appears that the plane clipped a couple of lines," Mark Durbin, a FirstEnergy spokesman reportedly said.